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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 9371 940 0   
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JOSERA products for own concentrated feed mixes

Economical milk production and the best operating results are only possible with healthy animals. In addition to a high quality basic ration and concentrated feed, the best possible supply of minerals and active ingredients is of special importance in order to reach these goals. Only proper feeding makes it possible for your animals to realise their genetic performance potential, thereby supporting the economic objectives of your operation.

With the JOSERA feeding concepts, you are ideally positioned since JOSERA mineral feed offers the right solution for every operation and all requirements. Healthy animals, the highest performance and improved fertility are the result of customised feeding with the innovative JOSERA products. And because special feeding situations can always occur in the course of day-to-day operations, our product range also includes a selection of specialty products to meet your feeding needs.

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Our JOSERA Bullen-Profi mineral feed ensures the highest daily weight gains and best carcass quality in beef fattening.
  • Economic success
  • Best animal health
  • Easy to administer
JOSERA Calcimin is our mineral feed with extra calcium, high quality raw materials and minerals for organic farms.
  • Organic production
  • Higher milk revenues
  • Good fertility
JOSERA Bullenmast is the ideal mineral feed for high daily weight gains and good carcass quality in your bulls.
  • Economic success
  • Best animal health
  • Highly reliable nutrition