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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 9371 940 0   
JOSERA feed for cattle / Josera DairyPilot

Josera DairyPilot


DairyPilotFlavoVital® - the complementary feedstuff for dairy cows

The care-free package for the whole lactation period and constant high performance.
DairyPilotFlavoVital®  is a complementary feedstuff for dairy cows, fattening cattle and
rearing calves for a healthy rumen as well as high metabolic efficiency. DairyPilotFlavoVital® ensures high performance and strengthens the body‘s defense against inflammatory processes and oxcidate stress.


What does DairyPilotFlavoVital® include?

  • FlavoVital® (plant-based active agent package from JOSERA research)
  • B-Vitamines
  • live yeast

What are the advantages of DairyPilotFlavoVital®?

  • high body defense strength against inflammatory processes and cell stress
  • stable metabolism and high metabolic efficiency
  • high-performing rumen and stable pH-value
  • high feed intake and improved feed conversion as well as energy utilisation

What are the benefits of DairyPilotFlavoVital® for me as a farmer?

  • robust and resilient herds
  • more milk yield and higher fattening performance
  • better animal welfare
  • more calmness and composure in the barn
  • higher profit

DairyPilotFlavoVital® was successfully tested in broad field trials with over 6,000 dairy cows.

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