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JOSERA feed for diary cows and cattle by application

Economical milk production and the best operating results are only possible with healthy animals. In addition to a high quality basic ration and concentrated feed, the best possible supply of minerals and active ingredients is of special importance in order to reach these goals. Only proper feeding makes it possible for your animals to realise their genetic performance potential, thereby supporting the economic objectives of your farm.

With the JOSERA feeding concepts, you are ideally positioned since JOSERA mineral feed offers the right solution for every farm and all requirements. Healthy animals, the highest performance and improved fertility are the result of customised feeding with the innovative JOSERA products. And because special feeding situations can always occur our product range also includes a selection of specialty products to meet your feeding needs.

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Products by application

JOSERA DairySafe with the liver safety-package for a more performing liver.
  • higher milk yield
  • higher profit through healthy animals
  • less diseases
JOSERA NutriEffect for an improved intestinal integrity and nutrient uptake.
  • with 15g/kg DM
  • improved animal health
  • better performance
JOSERA DairyComplex for an improved intestinal integrity and nutrient uptake.
  • with 20g/kg DM
  • better animal health
  • better digestion
JOSERA DairyMineral for an improved intestinal integrity and nutrient uptake.
  • with 10g/kg DM
  • high metabolic efficiency
  • higher yielding cows
DairyPilot  FlavoVital®
DairyPilot FlavoVital® - The innovative feed supplement with FlavoVital, B-vitamines, live yeast and notable broad spectrum of effects:
  • high body defense strength
  • stable metabolism
  • efficient rumen function
JOSERA Betamin Keragen®Longlife with its beta-carotene content is an outstanding mineral feed for very good fertility and ultimate performance.
  • Excellent insemination success
  • Improved life effectiveness
  • Reliable and straightforward nutrition
Thanks to its high beta-carotene concentration, JOSERA Betavit is the ideal companion in the calf reproduction phase.
  • Improved fertility
  • Robust animals
  • Reduced calf losses
Fortified with high-quality vitamins, JOSERA Combivit is the ideal supplement in case of high stress and infection pressure.
  • High robustness
  • Strong immune system
  • Stable metabolism
JOSERA Complett Keragen®Longlife is an outstanding mineral feed for ultimate performance during lactation and a supplement for high-phosphorous feed rations.
  • Good fertility
  • Reliable nutrition
  • Lifetime performance
JOSERA FeedMix Keragen®Longlife is a high quality mineral feed ideal as a supplement to normal mixed rations with a high proportion of feed components that are high in phosphorous.
  • Excellent fertility
  • More saleable milk
  • Greater efficiency
JOSERA MiraCal KeragenLonglife® does not contain phosphorus and is recommended for mixed rations with high amounts of phosphor rich components.
  • excellent fertility
  • higher life efficiency
  • healthy claws
Miramin EXTRA  
JOSERA Miramin EXTRA Keragen®Longlife offers adequate quantities of nutrients, making it an excellent mineral feed to supplement rations high in phosphorous.
  • Excellent fertility
  • Lifetime performance
  • Greater efficiency
JOSERA MiraPhos Keragen®Longlife is the high-quality phosphorus supplier for dairy cows with very high performances.
  • good fertility
  • higher life performance
  • higher work efficiency
JOSERA MycoBond is an innovative speciality feed to bind and deactivate mycotoxins. The use of MycoBond enables:
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced animal losses
  • Better fertility